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Reach out, reach out and touch someone.

Ok, we're here. Who called this meeting?

La Dorada Uriel and her babysitter.


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La Dorada Brigadoon (Foundation Pure Cow)
Foundation Pure Ankole-Watusi
La Dorada Mica, FP Bull
One day is sunshiny.
Keeping my foots warm.
Yikes. And now the snow.
Waiting for range cubes.
I found a comfy spot in the sun.
There's cold powdered sugar on top.
Soaking up the last sunshine.
I look good in camo.
Strum my lyre.
Which way did they go?
I'm a good old boy.
Shush. There's something back there.
Taking a break.
I don't mind posing for photos.
Let's do the Hokey Pokey.
Perfectly framed..
Let's play music on my lyre.
Warm feet and still-green grass.
My mom keeps me all shiny.
This line's too slow.
I am smiling. ;-)
I don't wear my heart on my sleeve.
It's so peaceful when the babies aren't pestering us.
Green grass makes our horns grow.
We're comfy..
Of course, I sparkle.
I'm a pretty girl. (FP Cow).
I'm a real sweetheart.
You can't sneak up on me.
Nonchalant. That's me.
I think she left the blur filter on.
Lookit me..
I have freckles.
Date night.
Ransom and Typhoon.
The white stuff is persistent.
It's in-between my toeses.
Finally! Green stuff and sunshine.
We're tired of the white stuff.
I sure show up against the white.
Who stands out in the cold to take pictures???
I get good tv reception.
The sunshine helps. A little.
La Dorada Mica, Foundation Pure Bull
La Dorada Vexation, Foundation Pure Cow
La Dorada Vexation is happy. ;-)
Splashy Baby
Three Year Old Foundation Pure Cow
Three Year Old 7/8 Cow
Getting Breakfast.
Those first few steps are a doozy.
I'm ready to go, but Mom wants a nap.
The cow version of Grumpy Cat. LOL
Yep, all his cute little baby parts are there. ;-)
That's a lot of white!
We all have dibs on the new lick tub!
I arrived wearing my own bow tie.
Young Show Steer
Foundation Pure Cow
Percentage Cow
I'm a natural blond.
A little shade in the afternoon is nice.
"Hey, there."
You looking' at me?
I'm ignoring you. LOL
We want this Christmas tree.
Heading into Winter.
[facepalm] No, I'm not Trigger.
We have her back. ;-)
Colorful Percentage Cow
Another view of my cute horn nubbins.
Native Pure Ankole-Watusi Cows
Foundation Pure Ankole-Watusi Cow
Look at my cute horn nubbins!
La Dorada Mica, FP Bull
Is This My Good Side? (La Dorada Mica, FP Bull)
Maybe This Is My Best Pose! (La Dorada Mica, FP Bull)
La Dorada Robin, FP Cow, Daughter Of Ridoro Chambezi
La Dorada Mica, FP Bull, Son Of La Dorada Robin
La Dorada Mica (Son Of La Dorada Robin)
Lundgrens Triple Crown, Young FP Bull
Foundation Pure Bulls
Talk to the butt!
Foundation Pure Cow
Foundation Pure Cow
Foundation Pure Bull
I smell a range cube. (La Dorada Robin, FP Cow)
More range cubes! (FP Cow)
Boy, that water looks great! (FP Cow)
La Dorada Robin, FP Cow
La Dorada Robin, FP Cow>
Ok, put the camera down or I'm leaving.
Sunny March!
Are you still staring at me?
Brome hay for breakfast. Yum.
Foundation Pure Cow And Calf
Foundation Pure Cows Eating Their Breakfast Hay
La Dorada Zulu, Foundation Pure Cow
Trust me, it's still cold out here.
I don't smell any new grass yet, but I keep hoping.
Finally. A table for one!
It's freaking cold out here!
I am heading to Florida.
The big guy is a good windbreak.
"We share with the younger guys."
There's no fighting over Thanksgiving dinner.
"This is WAY better than turkey."
You lookin' at me?
Do I smell Halloween candy?
That Halloween candy sure tasted good!
Manley says: "He's behind me, isn't he?"
Foundation Pure Cow
I get great tv reception.
I'm hid!
My face has bunny ears!
Red roan, not palomino. ;-)
I'm wearing camo.
Taking baby for a stroll.
I glow in the dark.
Yum, yum.
Who's peeking through the fence?
I get really good tv reception.
Dozing in the sunshine.
The Binder Park Zoo's "Lundgren" Steers.
Spiffed up for Spring.
Think there's enough white???
Snoozing in the sunshine.
My name is Coquette.
My horns look bigger, straight on. LOL
Like my freckles?
Foundation Pure Cows.
Nap Time.
Beth Lundgren Brushing A Steer.
Cold snow, warm hay.
What a blissful day.
What is with her and that camera??
I'm stunning!
Nice warm hay on a cold day.
Soaking up the sunshine.
Brace yourself, winter is coming.
Looking back at summer ...
Oh, well, time to look forward, to winter.
"You smell like Halloween candy."
Yummy hay!
"Our Halloween hats are Haybale Couture."
You smell ... like a range cube.
Foundation Pure Cow
Give a girl a range cube!
Brand new baby boy.
Someone to waaaaaatch over meeeee.
I smell range cubes. Gimme!
I'm brand new, but I think I have too many legs to keep track of. LOL

I'm watching over him, so that's close enough. ;-)
Did you get my best side?
La Dorada Mica, FP Bull
Got any range cubes?
Close Up.
La Dorada Mica, FP Bull
Gracie's Good At Scritching The Cows
La Dorada Robin, FP Cow
La Dorada Gale, FP Cow
La Dorada Red Eagle, FP Bull
La Dorada Robin, FP Cow
Foundation Pure Cow
Foundation Pure Cows
Foundation Pure Cow
La Dorada Mica, FP Bull
Foundation Pure Cow
La Dorada Typhoon, FP Bull, 17 Years Old
The children were nestled all snug in their beds ...
Foundation Pure Cow
You can't catch meeeeee
I'm brand new!
A new baby's first drink.
Baby on watch! LOL
I'm sparkly!
I'm not as big as I think, when Mom is standing up.
What are these things called "legs"?
Oh, I found my legs!
Ha! Try to outrun me now!
Parts of me are in camo.
You watch us; we watch you.
I like my new home at the Toledo Zoo.
Baby-sitting is never glamorous.
I have my eye on you.
I'm getting sleeeeepy.
Sur, a professional zoo steer. ;-)
Young Foundation Pure Cow
Sur, a professional zoo steer. ;-)
Lundgrens Sur Prize before the Toledo trip.
Downward View
Waiting For Spring
Lundgrens Kurlee
Lundgrens Sur Prize is ready to go to Toledo. LOL
You lookin' at me?
Grace And Sur In The Summer.
Sur Loves Attention.
Winter In Kansas Can Be So GRAY.
Grace with Sur.
Grace with Sur.
Grace with Sur.
Any closer, and I'll be outside the picture. hehehe
One of our happy pets.
Hi, Mom, any range cubes on you?
My camouflage suit works best in the autumn.
You looking at me?
They're spray painting the eaves. Why do you ask?
You can't see me. I blend in. (Foundation Pure Calf)
I may look blonde, but I'm not stupid. LOL (Foundation Pure Cow)
Please compliment the chef. This hay is exquisite. (Foundation Pure Cow)
Foundation Pure Cow
Foundation Pure Cow
La Dorada Virginia Rose, Foundation Pure Cow
You put your left foot in, you take your right foot out ... Foundation Pure Cow
If I stare at that farmer long enough, a hay bale will appear. ;-) Foundation Pure Cows
Look deep into my eyes. Foundation Pure Cow
Someone ran out of brown paint.
Native Pure Cow
Foundation Pure Cows
I think I found your itchy spot.
Gimme a kiss!
Why, yes, I do hear something odd.
Winter is just shades of gray.
"And for dessert, osage orange tree leaves with a touch of autumn frost."
Soaking up the last of the autumn sunshine.
"My horns stretch from here to here." Foundation Pure Cow
"My name is Hot Fudge Sunday."
"I may be blonde, but I'm not dumb." Native Pure Cow
"Last gasp of Summer." (Foundation Pure Cow)
Picture Perfect. (Foundation Pure Cows)
Bright and shiny in the sunshine. (Foundation Pure Cow)
She's always sneaking around with a camera. (Foundation Pure Cow)
La Dorada Zulu, Foundation Pure Cow
There's that pesky camera-woman again. (Foundation Pure Cow)
Foundation Pure Cow
La Dorada Typhoon, Foundation Pure Bull, 15 Years Old, Poses For His Daily Treats.
Foundation Pure Cow Is Ready For Her Closeup, Mr. DeMille.
"Don't bother me, lady, it's breakfast time."
Foundation Pure Cow Eating Straight Off The Buffet Table.
La Dorada Zulu soaks up the winter sun.
Foundation Pure Cow
Foundation Pure Cow
Foundation Pure Cow
Foundation Pure Cows
Foundation Pure Cow
Foundation Pure Cow
March in Kansas is muddy. (But hey, it's rain!)
Another Foundation Pure Cow Enjoying The Warm March Day
Foundation Pure Cows Enjoying The Freshly-Unrolled Hay.
Foundation Pure Cow
Yearling Foundation Pure Heifer
La Dorada Red Eagle And His Girls
La Dorada Red Eagle, Foundation Pure Bull
La Dorada Red Eagle, Foundation Pure Bull
La Dorada Red Eagle And Foundation Pure Calf
Doug With Bwana (Foundation Pure Bull).
Foundation Pure Cows.
Foundation Pure Cow.
QCHR Summer Affair, Foundation Pure Cow.
Ridoro Ransom, Foundation Pure Bull.
Ankole-Watusi Brown Swiss Crossbred Cow.
La Dorada Red Eagle (Foundation Pure Bull) With Two Foundation Pure Cows.
La Dorada Typhoon, Foundation Pure Bull, 14 Years Old.
La Dorada Typhoon's Mojo, Foundation Pure Bull
La Dorada Typhoon's Mojo, FP Bull
La Dorada Typhoon, FP Bull, 14 Years Old. The neighbors love to stop by and feed him range cubes! ;-)
La Dorada Red Eagle, FP Bull
La Dorada Berry, Percentage Steer, Keeps Company With Liz Fritz At The 1991 American Royal Stock Show In KC.
La Dorada Sinter Claus, Foundation Pure Bull.
La Dorada Mica, Foundation Pure Bull.
Lucky Loved his Chin Scratches
La Dorada Harlequin, Foundation Pure Bull, At Three Years Of Age.
La Dorada Beau Jest, Foundation Pure Bull
Everything stops for breakfast!
La Dorada Zulu, FP Cow
Time for breakfast!
Foundation Pure Cow Wading Through The Drifts.
Foundation Pure Cows Soaking Up Some Sun In The Drifted Snow.
La Dorada Red Eagle Is Grateful For A Break In The Snow Storms.
La Dorada Red Eagle, Foundation Pure Bull.
La Dorada Red Eagle, Foundation Pure Bull.
Foundation Pure Cow With Foundation Pure Heifer.
La Dorada Zephyr and La Dorada Zulu
La Dorada Zulu And Some Calves
La Dorada Lucy, 3/4 blood cow
Foundation Pure Heifer
I think I heard the dinner bell.
La Dorada Lucy, 3/4 Percentage Cow
I am one classy bull, and don't you forget it!
La Dorada Harlequin, Foundation Pure Bull, 3 years Old
The famous Push-Me/Pull-You.
Everyone eats at the same time.
I love my baby.
La Dorada Red Eagle rests after a busy day supervising his herd.
La Dorada Lucy, 3/4 Blood Cow.
Two 3/4 Blood Ankole-Watusi.
Yep, this is what passes for shade in Kansas.
Sunny today. Sunny tomorrow. No clouds in the forecast. [sigh]
Three year old Foundation Pure bull.
And for my next trick. (Photo of percentage female.)
That's far enough. There's room for only one of us in here.
My frilly pants are by La Dorada Beau Jest.
Lucky likes the attention.
Foundation Pure Calf
If you don't have your own thumbs, you have to borrow some.
Foundation Pure Cow
Such a cute little girl she is!
3/4 Ankole-Watusi + 1/4 Brown Swiss cow and her colorful baby.
"That's it, let's head south. Faster! Faster!!"
The big guy gets the best bed. LOL
"Wise One, I have climbed all this way to ask you a question. What is the meaning of life?"
This white stuff is getting to be monotonous. (Lucky; Beth Lundgren)
The big guys eat off the top, and the littles eat off the bottom. And that white stuff gets into the biggest guy's nose. LOL
There's only this fence between me and a Florida beach vacation. Who's got the wire-cutters?
Ridoro Zephyr teaches the yearlings how to navigate the Big World.
Lundgrens Lucky during a gray wintry day.
Foundation Pure cow with newborn calf.
One month old Foundation Pure heifer.
There is always an auntie cow babysitting the youngsters..
Foundation Pure Cows
Lundgren's Heyday, FP Heifer.
La Dorada Ransom and La Dorada Typhoon, Foundation Pure bulls, pictured at 5 years of age.
Foundation Pure Bull With Two Foundation Pure Cows
Foundation Pure Calf
Carl Weir Showing A Skull (QCHR Red Bird, FP Cow) To Jack And Kathryn Lockard
Shhh. I'm feeding the baby.
Yes, I'm adorable. Now go away!
I keep thinking someone's sneaking up on me, but I never catch him.
A day-old calf, still getting the hang of it. LOL
Tequila Sunrise, Foundation Pure Cow
Native Pure Cow
Native Pure Cow
La Dorada Red Eagle, Foundation Pure Bull
Native Pure Cow
QCHR Summer Affair, Foundation Pure Cow
Native Pure Cow
La Dorada Red Eagle and his lady friend.
Perfectly framed!
Native Pure Cow
Hey! Where did everybody go?
Dear Diary, This is our first date!
These horns are sure make a girl look slim.
I'm Simply Irresistible! C'mon, Admit It!
Lundgrens Lucky - Percentage Steer - Picture taken at 15 years of age.
Lucky was perhaps our favorite of the hundreds of Ankole-Watusi we've owned. Bottle-raised, halter-broken, and always willing to have his picture taken -- but he was huge (and knew it)! At maturity, his horns were 110 inches long and 26 inches in circumference.
La Dorada Gale (FP 614) - Foundation Pure Cow - 9 Years Old

(Decorated: feathers, leather thongs)
(No Horn Casing)
Total Horn Length: 49 inches
Hornbase Circumference: 12 inches
$500 + shipping

(Decorated: Thongs)
Total Horn Length: 56 inches
Hornbase Circumference: 13 inches
$500 + shipping

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